Nov 8'th

Jake Blanchard Artist T-shirt

The visual direction of British artist Jake Blanchard comes across as well defined in his latest contribution to Norse Projects’ line of Artist T-Shirts. Tapping themes relating to the natural world for the greater number of his creations, detail-oriented imagery seems to seamlessly work its way into each piece. Aside from the visual arts, London-based Blanchard finds solace in running a start-up record label named Tor Press.

Tell us about…

…aspects of multimedia art that appeal to you
I love working on all sorts of different projects and in different mediums, there's so much out there to tryout and experiment with. Trying out a new printing technique or working in 3D can be hugely inspiring and can really open up the way I think about my work. I'd love to work on an animation at some point too, it's just such a time consuming process.

…a favourite nighttime spot in London
My most regularly visited venue in London is probably Cafe Oto. They put on a lot of great music there, usually pretty experimental and it's always worth a visit. The last gig I saw there was Pelt, Gate and Part Wild Horses Mane, all great bands!

…one city you'd like to hold an exhibition
I wouldn't be against exhibiting anywhere really; I think it's nice to exhibit in big cities and small towns, just nice to have your work out to a new audience. I've not exhibited anything in Japan yet so maybe Tokyo would be a nice place to have a show.

…what your tag name might be if you frequently sprayed graffiti
I have no idea, never really thought about it. Maybe just my actual name, don't really feel the need to have a pseudonym.

…music that helps your work environment
I listen to all sorts of different music, so I'll just give a few examples of things I've been listening to a lot recently - Neil Young, Pelt, Black Sabbath, Ignatz, Wooden Wand, Davy Graham, Chord, Steve Gunn, Astral Social Club, Lobster Priest, Cath & Phil Tyler, Sophie Cooper, Plankton Wat, Dock Boggs.....lots of other stuff too. All of them are well worth checking out. I also run my own little record label called Tor Press. (