May 28'th

Release of The Polka Dot Series

polka dot series by norse projects

Originating in the 1850s, the polka dot has had a significant presence in both fashion and film. It seems only natural to pay homage to the beloved pattern in the final chapter of this Norse Projects cap series.

We have selected fabric from a US source to create two new models, adding to the exclusive-to-Norse Projects cap series. The first is a 6 panel polka dot flap cap featuring a Norse Projects label on the front and a adjustable webbed closure, which is a first for the Norse Projects 6 panel. The second is a polka dot bucket hat with a Norse Projects label featured on the floppy channel stitched brim is available in S/M and L/XL.

May 24'th

The Polkadot Series

polkadot series

The last instalment in the exclusive to Norse Projects cap series is set to be released on Tuesday.

May 21'st

Release of The Ripstop Series

Norse Projects Ripstop Series

Inspired by the durable fabrics and universal patterns found on the US-Military uniform. The Ripstop Series is set to be the most hardwearing series to date.

Constructed from solid ripstop fabric; a lightweight fabric designed using a special reinforcing technique to prevent tearing and ripping. This will have you covered for all urban endeavours.

May 17'th

The Ripstop Series

Norse Projects Rip Stop

A digital approach to camouflage. The Ripstop Series introduces a durable addition to the upcoming exclusive to Norse Projects cap series. Available Tuesday.